Insight Retreat Center

IRC & the Wildfires


Thank you to members of the IRC and IMC communities who have reached out to check in on IRC, and had us in your thoughts.

The wildfires in the Santa Cruz area have necessitated the evacuation of a large number of people from nearby communities.  IRC is not currently in an evacuation zone.  However, our resident volunteers (RVs) have made good use of our emergency procedures to prepare IRC as much as possible to mitigate against potential harm from fire.  We are staying informed of local emergency alerts and the RVs are safe.

We will have to wait to see how the wildfires, hot weather and predicted storms affect us in the coming week(s), and will share significant updates as we have information.

Meanwhile our hearts are with everyone affected by these and the many other current challenges facing us all.  May all beings be free from harm.

August 22, 2020