Insight Retreat Center

Dear Friends,

IMC seems to expand in ten-year leaps and bounds. I became the guiding teacher in 1990. We found our Redwood City meditation center in 2000. By 2010 we discovered IRC, our retreat center. Unexpectedly, in 2020, we created our “Online Retreat Center” with twenty online retreats for the year.

We’ve added new teachers at a growing pace. In 1990, I was the only teacher. Andrea Fella started teaching in 2005, Ines Freedman in 2011, Max Erdstein and Nikki Mirghafori in 2016, and Andrea Castillo, bruni dávila, and Diana Clark in 2019 (the same year that Ying Chen started her teacher training).

The number of people listening to our teachings has increased dramatically. In 1990, it was 12–15 people a week in a small church library. Now, through Audio Dharma and YouTube, tens of thousands of people have access to IMC programs and teachings each week.

All this is beyond anything we imagined in 1990.

It has been inspiring and heartwarming to know of all the people who benefit from what IMC offers. It motivates us to do even more, aiming to change the whole world for the better.

We are very grateful for all the support we receive from volunteers, donors, practitioners, and listeners. Thank you all!

If you like to offer an end-of-year donation to support our activities and continued growth, please click here or go to the donate button on IMC’s website.


Gil Fronsdal