Insight Retreat Center

Legacy Giving Community FAQs


What is the Legacy Giving Community?  Legacy Giving Community members are individuals who include IMC/IRC in their estate plans in order to insure the future of both IMC and IRC and to have a lasting impact.

How do I become a member of the Legacy Giving Community?  Complete our ONLINE FORM or email us at  Here is a  PRINTABLE FORM for your convenience.

Do I have to use a lawyer to include IMC/IRC in my estate plan?  What does my attorney need to do?  It is always advisable to seek legal counsel to make sure that your intentions are clearly and accurately stated. If you do not have an attorney, our volunteer attorney will answer any preliminary questions you might have at no charge. Your attorney will know what to do; it could be as simple as asking him/her to add a codicil to your will or amendment to your revocable living trust.

Important information for your attorney:

  • Name: Insight Meditation Center of the Midpeninsula
  • Tax identification number #77-0450217.    PDF of IMC 501( c) (3) letter 
  • Mailing address for both IMC & IRC: 108 Birch St., Redwood City, CA 94062

Is a bequest to IMC/IRC irrevocable? No, you can change your estate plan at any time. 

Do I have to give IMC/IRC a copy of my will or trust?  No.

May I designate my gift to IMC/IRC? Yes, both options are available and your lawyer should be able to explain to you the various options.

What is the minimum amount I can designate? There is no minimum gift – IMC/IRC appreciates and accepts designations of any amount.

How might I be recognized? The members of the Legacy Giving Community may be invited to special events such as an annual luncheon with the IMC teachers. You may also choose to be anonymous.

Can I direct my gift for a specific purpose?  Yes, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Option 1:  for unrestricted use and purposes
  • Option 2: to direct or request use for the Insight Retreat Center
  • Option 3: to be used for multiple purposes
Sample Language for Wills and Trusts
Unrestricted Bequest“I give _________________________ to Insight Meditation Center of the Midpeninsula, dba Insight Meditation Center, 108 Birch St., Redwood City, CA  94062, tax ID 77-0450217, for its general purposes.”
Restricted Bequest“I give _________________________ to Insight Meditation Center of the Midpeninsula, dba Insight Meditation Center, 108 Birch St., Redwood City, CA  94062, tax ID  77-0450217, and request that it be used for:”

  1. Insight Meditation Center (IMC)
  2. Insight Retreat Center (IRC)
  3. Other:  Please describe ______________

For additional questions, or to arrange a consultation with a volunteer attorney: