Insight Retreat Center

Volunteer Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Apply for a Volunteer Position
Come to IRC for a Work or Garden Day!  
  • Monthly Work Day: RSVP here.  A time to help care for IRC and to meet other fellow volunteers. You can help with either indoor or garden tasks. For monthly reminders,  JOIN our email list.
  • Garden Days: In addition to gardening during Work Days, volunteers are invited to help with the gardens several times during the month.
Service Leaders:

Five Service Leaders, experienced retreat practitioners, both sit the retreat and serve the retreat in leadership positions as cooks and managers. For more information, see Service Leader Descriptions.

If after reading the descriptions, you are interested in periodically serving IRC retreats, please contact

Current Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities
  • These change regularly, please fill out a Volunteer Application even if nothing is listed that works for you. 
  • Technology Support, Onsite: Someone who lives locally to support IRC’s computer systems, network and recording/audio system.
  • Web Developer: Implement and test, back & front-end WordPress features and plugins. Understanding of WordPress and some combinations of HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and JavaScript.  Linux and Ansible helpful. Part of a team. There are variable options on time required.