Insight Retreat Center


Vision in Brief

Having our own retreat center allows us the flexibility to provide a variety of residential programs:

  • Weekend retreats for beginners or working householders
  • 7-14 day retreats (or longer) offered by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and guest teachers
  • Study retreats in partnership with the Sati Center
  • Opportunities for training and service both on retreat and in daily life.

We believe that a small, local, intimate center enables us to sustain our commitment to a dana and volunteer-based culture, while offering us a unique way to deepen our practice.

The retreat center’s operations are supported by a combination of dana from retreatants and support from the wider community. Ideally, an endowment would fund the ongoing expenses of the retreat center in perpetuity. This would allow us to primarily focus on providing retreatants the opportunity to practice deeply in a retreat environment.


The Full Vision for IRC

To learn more about the overall vision for the Insight Retreat Center, please read The Full Vision for IRC.


The Broader Vision for IMC, IRC and Sati Center

Gil Fronsdal has written an inspiring document, A Broader Vision, about the relationship between the Insight Meditation Center (IMC), the Insight Retreat Center(IRC) and the Sati Center.


Making a Difference: A Vision for the Role of Mindfulness in Society

As interest in mindfulness has exploded in recent years, the practice has been applied to many aspects of modern life. It has been shown to bring benefits in such areas as education, parenting, medicine, mental health, business, sports, prisons, and conflict resolution. Gil shares his vision for the important role mindfulness can have in our society and how it an help create a society that benefits and supports all its members.  Video:  Making a Difference.