Insight Retreat Center

Retreat Practice

The opportunity to dedicate a period of time to intensive meditation practice is one of the most precious aspects of our tradition. Continuity of attention over several days or longer, undisturbed by external demands or diversions, can allow the body to settle, the mind to clear, and the heart to relax. We can then attain a better understanding of ourselves, begin to release the habits of thought and behavior that are not helpful to us, and practice cultivating a peaceful mind and loving heart.

The support of a teacher and fellow retreatants helps create a safe and protected environment essential to this transformative process. A schedule of silent sitting and walking meditation is supported by daily dharma talks, instruction, and interviews with the teacher.

Talks on Retreat Practice

Speaker Topic Date Length
Gil Fronsdal Retreat Center Update 1/10/11 39:54 [audio:] [Download]
Gil Fronsdal Retreats as Sanctuary 1/10/11 23:04 [audio:] [Download]
Gil Fronsdal The Practice Of Retreats 12/12/10 32:13 [audio:] [Download]
Gil Fronsdal Retreat Practice 05/15/06 18:11 [audio:|titles=Retreat Practice] [Download]
Gil Fronsdal On Retreat 03/27/05 41:53 [audio:|titles=On Retreat] [Download]
Gil Fronsdal Retreat Dynamics 08/19/02 47:14 [audio:|titles=Retreat Dynamics] [Download]