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Our newsletter includes articles that explore Insight Meditation retreat practice, as well as special announcements and upcoming events.  This makes the newsletter one of the more important ways to stay in touch with what is being done at the center.
Past Newsletters
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Summer 2023

  • Gil Fronsdal: An Overview of Retreat Practice
  • Big Changes: A Message from our Managing Director, Liz Powell
  • Thanking Liz Powell, and Introducing Mei Elliot and Kodo Conlin, Our New Managing Directors
  • IRC Resident Volunteer update: Immerse Yourself in Practice

Winter 2023

  • Gil Fronsdal: Self-Retreats
  • IRC Resident Volunteer Update:  
  • Immerse Yourself in Practice
  • Your Questions About Practice 

Summer 2022

  • Gil Fronsdal: Renunciation
  • IRC Resident Volunteer Update!
  • Your Questions About Practice 
  • Introducing DaRa Williams

Winter 2022

  • Gil Fronsdal: Doing One Thing at a Time
  • Your Questions About Practice
  • Residential Retreats Offered as Webcasts via Zoom
  • Caretaker/Facilities Manager Wanted

Summer 2021

  • Gil Fronsdal: Community as Part of Retreat Practice
  • Andrea Fella: Beliefs About Accepting What Is
  • From Our Managing Director: Residential Retreat Update
  • Introducing Diana Clark

Winter 2021

  • Gil Fronsdal: Evaluating Your Practice, part 2   
  • IRC Resident Volunteers:  Practicing Generosity
  • IRC Update from Liz Powell, Managing Director
  • Welcoming Tuere Sala and bruni dávila 

Summer 2020

  • Gil Fronsdal: Practicing in Online Retreats at IRC
  • IRC Resident Volunteers:  Life under Shelter-in-Place
  • IRC Update from Gil

Winter 2020

  • Gil Fronsdal: Skillful Evaluation of Your Meditation Practice--Part One
  • Andrea Fella:  The Impulses that Move Us
  • Help Fund Renewable Energy at IRC
  • IRC Offsite Retreats

Summer 2019

  • Gil Fronsdal: Meditation Instructions on Retreat
  • Behind the Scenes Changes at IRC
  • Your Questions about Practice
  • A Favorite Retreat Recipe: Chicken Fried Tofu

Winter 2019

  • Gil Fronsdal: Wise Perspectives for Retreat Practice
  • Andrea Fella: Awareness of Thinking
  • The Next Generation of Insight Retreat Teachers

Summer 2018

  • Gil Fronsdal: Dharma Service on Retreat
  • Andrea Fella: Noticing Agendas in Meditation
  • Welcoming Bhikkhu Analayo

Spring 2018

  • Gil Fronsdal: Mindfulness of Breathing on Retreat
  • Andrea Fella: Working with Delusion
  • Welcoming Ajahn Sucitto

Summer 2017

  • Gil Fronsdal: Listening to Dharma Talks on Retreat
  • The Highest Blessings: Life as an IRC Resident Volunteer

Winter 2017

  • Gil Fronsdal: Preparing for a Retreat
  • A Challenge and a Relief: Electronic Devices and Retreat

Summer 2016

  • Gil Fronsdal: The Practice of Leaving a Retreat
  • Andrea Fella: Finding Trust in an Unreliable World
  • Introducing Leigh Brasington

Winter 2016

  • Gil Fronsdal: Practicing with Pain on Retreat
  • Andrea Fella: Love and Wisdom
  • Introducing Pamela Weiss

Summer 2015

  • Gil Fronsdal: Mindfulness of Meals During Retreats
  • Andrea Fella: Continuity of Mindfulness on Retreat
  • Your Questions About Practice

Winter 2015

  • Gil Fronsdal: Mindful Postures
  • Andrea Fella: Your Questions About Practice
  • Behind the Kitchen Door

Summer 2014

  • Gil Fronsdal: Practicing with Sleep During Retreats
  • Reflections on Creating IMC and IRC
  • A Day with Joseph Goldstein

February 2014

  • Gil Fronsdal: Community as Part of Retreat Practice
  • Andrea Fella: Patience
  • Kim Allen: Living and Serving at IRC

October 2013

  • Gil Fronsdal: Practice Discussions on Retreat
  • Andrea Fella: The Factor of Attention in Meditation
  • Bruni Dávila: Registering and Managing Retreats at IRC

July 2013

  • Gil Fronsdal: Practicing with the Retreat Schedule
  • Andrea Fella: No Distractions in Mindfulness Practice
  • Shelley Gault: Managing a Retreat at IRC

March 2013

  • Gil Fronsdal: The Practice of Work Meditation
  • Andrea Fella: Recognizing Mindfulness
  • Max Erdstein: A New Teacher’s Perspective

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