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San Francisco Airport (SFO) Transportation

It’s more costly to get to IRC from San Francisco airport (SFO).  You can try the Carpool Board .


Take either of the shuttles below.  Reservations required.  from 7am-11pm

Santa Cruz Limousine Services

If  traveling alone these services are  twice the price of the shuttles, but for 2 people, their fees are similar to shuttles with faster service. They will pick you up at a prearranged time. For the best prices ask for “Town Car” service.

Public Transportation 

Least expensive (about $15) but takes longer (2.5 hours)

  1. Take BART (train) to the San Bruno Station The BART Station is attached to the International Terminal. Buy a $1.50 ticket and put it in one of the fare gates.
  2. At San Bruno, get on the “Millbrae” train. Move toward the front of the train if possible. You will be closer to the escalator when you get off. Get off the train at Millbrae which is the only stop. An agent will announce it.
  3. Finding the Caltrain: After getting off the BART train, go up to the mezzanine and re-process your ticket. Now, go down to the far Caltrain platform — the one that’s across the Caltrain tracks. Find a red Caltrain ticket machine and buy a ticket to Zone 4 ($5.75). All trains that stop at this platform go to San Jose. Get off at the Diridon Station.
  4. Taking the Highway 17 Express Bus to Scotts Valley: (about 45 min)  ($4.00 one way). Leaves every 30 min starting at 6 am.  You can see the Bus Schedule here.

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